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How to Create & Connect VPN in Window 10

How to Create & Connect VPN in Window 10

How to Create & Connect VPN in Window 10 – A VPN network connection ensures more secure connection to your PC. This will be applicable for any company network or personal computer to provide security mechanism. Now in order to connect to a VPN network, a user has to first create a VPN network and then connect.

How to Create a VPN in Windows 10

Step 1 – Go to Start > Settings > Network & Internet > VPN > Add a VPN connection. After this you will get three options – VPN provider, VPN type and Type of Sign-in-info.

  1. For VPN Provider choose Windows (built-in). In connection name box type a VPN connection profile name, which will be helpful to look up when you try to connect to Server Name and address box. Then Type the address for the VPN server.
  2. For VPN type Choose the type of connection you want to create. Either for personal or company.
  3. For Type of Sign-in-info Choose the type of sign-in or credential you want to use. Either Username and Password or One Time Password etc.

Step 2 – Select Save. You can also set additional settings like proxy settings with the help of advanced options.

How to Connect to a VPN Connection in Window 10

In the right bottom of the taskbar select Network Icon. Now select the VPN connection you want to access. The two cases arise here. First, if the connect button displays under the VPN – Select Connect. Second, if the VPN settings opens, select the VPN connection and select connect. If required enter your username and password to connect.

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