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How to Create a Computer Recovery Drive

How to Create a Computer Recovery Drive

How to Create a Computer Recovery Drive – A Recovery drive is build to store a copy of data or information on a USB drive which is used at the time of Emergency when a PC does not Starts. The recovery drive is also helpful during troubleshoot and fixing problem with the PC. So creating a recovery drive will be boon for such problems occur in our PC. The steps to create a recovery drive are described below.

  1. Type “Create a recovery drive” in search box on the taskbar of your PC. Select the option and enter admin password if asked.
  2. Now select the option “Back up system files to the recovery drive” and click Next.
  3. If all done, Connect a USB drive to your PC, Select it and Click Next.
  4. After pressing Next, Click “Create” option for creating a copy of files in recovery drive.
  5. This process might take a while to accomplish the task.
  6. After all done, the screen will show you a message link “Delete the recovery partition from your PC”. If a user wants to free up PC space, then select the screen message and click on Delete option.
  7. If a user don’t want to delete the space on his/her PC, select Finish.

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