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How to Correct Windows Error Code 0X80072EE2

How to Correct Windows Error Code 0X80072EE2

How to Correct Windows Error Code 0X80072EE2 – Microsoft always work for regular update of all its product like Windows Operating System & Others. In Windows 10 too regular upgradation is done with the help of Windows Timely Update. But Sometimes Windows Update halts or shows error. In this article, we focus on a new error being seen during Windows update. The error prevents Windows connecting with the Microsoft Server. The actual error code seen on the screen is “Error 0x80072ee2” with other complements.

How to Correct Windows Error Code 0X80072EE2

The actual error message seen would be “Windows Update encountered an unknown error, or Windows could not search for new updates“. There is no any fixed reason behind the error. So, we have acknowledged all possible solutions to this error.

What to Follow to Fix Error Code 0X80072EE2 in Windows 10

Procedure1: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Procedure2: Run Microsoft Online Troubleshooter

Procedure3: Check the Internet Connectivity

Procedure4: Disable Antivirus Temporarily

Procedure5: Restart BITS Service

Procedure6: Update Windows in Clean Boot mode

Explanation Over Procedures Dictated Above

Procedure1: Sometimes troubleshooting with the inbuilt mechanism becomes fruitful. It clarifies the general error halting the normal updating of Windows. Follow the steps below now.

Go to Settings > Update and Security > Troubleshoot > Windows Update > Run the Troubleshooter.

It will scan your system for any general error and fix them automatically. After this restart the system and check if problem is solved else read the next procedure.

Procedure2: Microsoft has made easy ways to troubleshoot and fix temporary errors with Online Troubleshooter.

Visit the Microsoft Official Website Select the version of Windows you are using. Download the Troubleshooter and run it. Now you will be asked to run the Troubleshooter. There you will get few recommendations like – Install update manually. Run DISM tool to restore system health. Run SFC to fix possible file corruption. Reset or reinstall Windows

Procedure3: It might be due to connectivity related issue. So, check all the hardware connected with PC. Unplug the Modem or router attached. Clean with a brush. Connect all of them and Plug On. If any such issue was there then problem will solve. Ask you ISP Provider about the problem.

How to Correct Windows Error Code 0X80072EE2

Procedure4: Sometimes Antivirus running on PC halt or prevent Updates. Disable the antivirus installed in your PC. Then restart the Windows Update and check if problem is solved. Else move to the next step given below. Since there are number of antivirus present in market/ online. Install one which is reliable and feasible. We ask our user to run Windows Defender as antivirus.

Procedure5: Since downloading of Windows update is managed by a service called Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS). If failing or other issues generated multiple times then you need to restart the BITS service.

Open Run Prompt, Type services.msc and Press Enter. Navigate to Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS). Double click on it to open Properties. Switch to General tab. Project the default value of start type as Manual. Now Press Stop, then Start button. Click on OK.

Procedure6: It is possible to update Windows in Clean boot mode. So, Switch to Clean mode and start Update. Sometimes a third party app might block the System Restore execution. So we need to find out the application which is blocking the System Restore procedure. For this, we have to Start PC in Clean Boot Mode. Open system with administrative privilege. Press Win+R to open Run Command Window. Type msconfig.exe & press enter to open System Configuration Window.

How to Start PC in Clean boot mode

Go to General Tab and select Selective Startup. Uncheck the “Load startup items” option and Click on Apply & then OK. Navigate to Services Tab and select “Hide all Microsoft Services” option available on left side of System Configuration Window. Then click on Disable All button. Finally Restart the PC.

We hope this helps you lot!

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