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How to convert 2D Shape into 3D using Paint

How to convert 2D Shape into 3D using Paint

How to convert 2D Shape into 3D using PaintHow to convert 2D Shape into 3D using Paint- Sometimes we draw any imagination according to our mind set or we used to create doodle. All these imagination are called as 2D shapes or 2 dimensional shapes. While we might need sometime 3 Dimensional structure. These shapes are usually used while presenting models in schools or in any firm we are associated with. Microsoft Paint 3D helps us to digitally create 2D Pictures and 3D objects and we can also enjoy Online Remix 3D.

Basic requirement to convert 2D shapes into 3D models.

To convert 2D shapes into 3D shapes we need to recognise the 3D qualities of an image and analyse how the object might look like. These steps include designing, painting, resizing, rotating, and repositioning of an object.
User can select the 3D part model the shape look thinner, thicker, rounder etc. these steps are necessary to create a lifelike 3D shapes. Paint 3D doesn’t require any artistic skills. User is just required to know about the software and its functionality.
Windows Paint 3D is an easy platform to make our imagination into models. User can convert a 2D picture into a 3D model.

How to convert 2D shape into 3D structure.

First of all download and install paint 3D. We can download it from Microsoft Store.
Open the Paint 3D application. Click on new project by clicking on New Option in the Menu bar.
If we already have picture ready to convert into 3D model then simply just drag it into to new project files. Or we can also create a new doodle in it.
If we want to make a canvas size then. Go to canvas in the menu bar.
Adjust the height and width. Now go to 3D shapes in the menu bar. Choose the best suit for the doodle and select it. Click on create it.

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