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How to Close Please Rate Firefox Survey Popup

How to Close Please Rate Firefox Survey Popup

How to Close Please Rate Firefox Survey Popup – Mozilla Firefox browser is one of the best browser available nowadays. Most of the user prefer Firefox for browsing due to its extensive features. The company seems to gather queries and other details from their users so that further improvement can be done. For this Company launch a pop-up survey message saying “Please Rate Firefox” at run time. A user need to rate the survey and input data asked by Firefox. This can be quite annoying and require closing of these survey message.

Procedure to Close Please Rate Firefox Survey Popup –

The Company offers an easy way to close such random surveys using Config Settings. Start the Firefox browser and in the address bar enter about: config and click Go. If prompted with “This might void your warranty!” warning message, then ignore it and click on button saying “I accept the risk”.

After opening about: config page, search the preference entry – extensions.shield-recipe-client.enabled. Here you need to set the value of preference to “False” by just double clicking on it. Finally, you need to enter the value for Rating in “Rate your Firefox experience” survey. Now all done, open the browser and continue your work without interruptions.

Some facts and detail about Firefox survey –

The browser developer claims this survey is to improve Firefox. They initiate little feedback from their users helping them building a better and reliable product which finally deepen their relationship with the users by gathering both Quality and Quantity data from the user’s samples in the meantime. They also realize their bounded duty against precious time and effort of the users. Therefore, they adopt minimally intrusive questioning from their user to collect small samples with simple interactions and cooperation. They collect minimum data enough for their survey and extensiveness.

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