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How to Clear TPM Security Processor Firmware

How to Clear TPM Security Processor Firmware

How to Clear TPM Security Processor FirmwareHow to Clear TPM Security Processor Firmware- The term TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module. If our PC is TPM enabled then it is our first priority to update our security processor. Windows Defender Security Centre regularly sends us the priority message to update the TPM firmware. It can also say us to update the TPM security processor firmware.

Functionality of TPM in Windows 10.

If we are a novice user (new user) and don’t know the specialized tip on the endpoint device. The TPM chip controls the RSA key pair also called as the endorsement Key. It is used to hold the RSA encryption on the host system for hardware authentication. It is used to hold the crucial information like the Fingerprint, Retina Scan and other biometrics data which can be accessed by the related software and cannot be accessed easily.

Updating TPM Firmware.

There is a Patch file used while security venerability and can also create an impact on Operating System Security. The TPM update will sort the available vulnerability. We need to download it and then install it. The patch file of TPM is often sent buy OEMs which are faster than windows update.

Install Windows Update.

In order to install the TPM security firmware we need to download it as we have to set our update to manual mode. First check for the update if there would be any security update then it will confirm automatically. We just need to download it and install it. We can also check it from the notification centre. After that we need to install it.

Steps to Clear TPM.

On successful installation of TPM Firmware update, we need to clear our TPM. So our can be more secure. Before clearing the TPM we need to create backup of our data. So that it can be restored later on.
Click on Setting and go to update and security and click on Device Security. Now under Security Processor click on Security Processor details.
In next screen, select Security Processor Troubleshooting and click on Clear TPM button.
It will reset the Security process to its default setting.

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