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How to Clear History on Windows 10 PCs

How to Clear History on Windows 10 PCs

How to Clear History on Windows 10 PCs – The amazing feature of Windows 10 tracks everything that runs on your System. I.e. if we open a particular file or access on our system, it gets tracked in our system. All the data is stored on Windows 10 PCs in our Microsoft Account. This makes us possible to reopen that particular Task or can access them easily. This is called as Activity History.

Work History of Windows 10

How to Clear History on Windows 10 PCs

Talking about Windows 10 Privacy in mind. Microsoft helps us in managing our activity history and can also restrict the storage of Activity History. Our PCs stores the History from the following activity :

It collects the activity history from the PCs that we are running currently. It scans the activity from the PCs to cloud and we can also access them when we switch PCs. All these operation are linked with each other through Microsoft Account when we sign in to the PCs.

Managing History

To manage the history Click on Setting. Go to Privacy and click on Account History. In the Active History click on toggle button and choose Turn it OFF, and create a timeline History for our Microsoft Account.

We can also remove our account from the Activity History and can also clear history from our account. To manage our Microsoft Account click on “Manage my Microsoft Account active Data”. This will redirect us to Microsoft Privacy website.

In this section we will get all the data collected by the Windows based on Apps, Voice Search, Browse, Media and Location. We can also manage our PCs Work history even when we are not using our PCs. The Microsoft Privacy Link can be accessed through Official Website. Since the page realtes to you so only you will be able to clear it or filter it any time.

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