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How to check Digital Signature of a Program?

How to check Digital Signature of a Program?

How to check Digital Signature of a Program?How to check Digital Signature of a Program? – Digital Signature as the name defines is a mathematical technique that is used to validate and the authenticity and integrity of any message, program, or of any digital document. In many countries, digital signature has the same significance as the traditional form of signed document. Many countries publishes electronic version of budgets, public and private law with digital signature.

Whenever user creates a  file is digitally. It can be media files, .exe files or document.
Files are digitally signed by the source of data.

How Digital Signature Work?

Digital signature is based on public key cryptography. It is called asymmetric Cryptography.
Using this user can create two keys. user can link the keys mathematically. It can be private and public. Private key is used to create hash.

The encrypted hash along with other information, like hashing algorithm is the Digital Signature.

How to Check Digital Signature for Program in windows?

  1. Using DigiCert Certificate utility.

DigiCert is software. We can download its .exe file. After installation click on code signing tab in header section and click on check signature.  Select the file we need to check signature.

Two things can verified through this process is:-
The file is sign and the signature is valid.
User can check the timestamp of signature.

  1. Using Sign tool.

Microsoft provides a program with windows SDK called as Sign Tool. SDK is not inbuilt with windows.
User has to install it  separately. For using this technique user must have a compatible SDK with windows.

  1. Using File explorer.

Open File Explorer. Click on the Saved Program.
Right click on the Set up File and click on Properties. Move to Digital Signature tab.
User can see the entries. if the file is signed digitally.

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