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How to Calibrate Windows laptops to increase its battery Life

How to Calibrate Windows laptops to increase its battery Life

How to Calibrate Windows laptops to increase its battery LifeHow to Calibrate Windows laptops to increase its battery Life – Now a days we suffer a lot of issue regarding the degrading life cycle of our laptops battery. We used to charge it often but we should carefully notice that for the time period we charge our system battery or how frequently we charge it that everything affects the battery life our laptops battery life. This shortens its life after every interval of time we can say in months.

Introduction of Windows 10 has solved this issue as it shows the approximate battery life of our system and hence we will know that after what interval of time we need to charge it and also the time interval required to charge it.

It is advised to user to keep charging between the same percentage of battery left to ensure battery capacity, and life. We will discuss how we can manually calibrate battery to ensure battery capacity and life.

Calibrating Windows 10 Laptops battery life

Step 1. We need to open Power Management Setting in Control Panel, and go to setting.

Select power & Sleep and click on Additional Power Setting.

Step 2. Click on Change Plan and change advance power setting.

Or there is an alternative method that is click on battery icon.

You will be directed to Power Option Box, there is setting option for every individual operation.

Click on Battery Section and then click on critical battery Action. At there we will see that is set to critical Battery Level and set to 10% or below that.

Keep on charging the lappy until it becomes fully charged and ensure that the battery is at a regular temperature which is otherwise a bit heated during charging.

Now unplug the laptop and let it discharge until it automatically hibernates. It will hibernate on 10% as we have set it on that, and remember not to charge it let it to discharge and shut down automatically.

Now plug the charger back and charge it up to 100% again. We can perform this in every one to two months and it will surely make your battery perform better and remember do not recalibrate the battery multiple times.

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