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How to block unwanted Windows Update in Windows 10

How to block unwanted Windows Update in Windows 10

How to block unwanted Windows Update in Windows 10 – There is no any option to stop Windows update using Control Panel or Settings app in Windows 10. But options were available for earlier version of Windows. But we can stop Windows Update partially. We can select particular Driver or other updates and assign it as unwanted windows update. As a result, update for these selective programs will be halted/ blocked.

To block unwanted Windows Update Microsoft had released a tool known as Show or Hide Updates. For home users Windows Update is automatic and keeps on updating with latest features and fixings. If your aim is to block only selective program update then use Show or Hide Updates tool.How to block unwanted Windows Update in Windows 10We need to download this tool from Microsoft Store. First of all, download the tool and install it completely. Open the tool and check mark on “Apply repairs automatically”. Then click on Next. The tool will then scan your system for updates. When scan gets completed, a new window with two distinct options will open.

The show or hide update window will have the following message –

Updates improve the security and performance of your computer. But if an update isn’t working you can temporarily hide it. Windows will not install hidden updates automatically.

  • Hide updates (Windows will not install hidden updates)
  • Show hidden updates (Select updates that you want Windows Update to automatically install. When we select Hide updates, new window with list of drivers/ others are seen.

The updates are available for list of drivers present on this Window. To block upcoming updates, select the driver/s and click on Next. This will prevent the problematic driver or update from reinstalling automatically the next time Windows update are installed.Although updates will be available next time, so we need to run “Show or hide updates tool” regularly. Repeat the same process illustrated above.

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