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How to block a Sender from sending emails in Gmail or

How to block a Sender from sending emails in Gmail or

How to block a sender from sending emails in Gmail or – You might be boredom with continuous unnecessary emails on your Gmail or Outlook. Don’t worry, you get rid of this with the help of settings available both in Gmail and It means you can block someone from sending you unnecessary messages into your account.

How to block a Sender from sending emails in Gmail or

Block Sender from Sending Email on Gmail:

Gmail provides their user with options to block someone from sending emails with Gmail user interface. When you block someone in Gmail, all the emails from the particular sender would move to Spam folder keeping your Inbox spam free and clean. Now two cases are possible in Gmail – a. If you block someone completely and b. if you mark email as spam. In post case, the sender can still be displayed in the inbox folder. In prior case, after blocking, the sender would not be found in inbox folder until or unless you unblock it.

In order to block any sender in Gmail, log on to your account and open an email that is being sent by the person, who you want to block. Then click on More button that appears next to the Reply button which is available next to the date/time. There you will find an option “Block “Name of the Sender”. Click on it and select Block in the popup window. After such step all the sender emails will be moved into the spam folder.

Unblock Sender in Gmail Account

In case If you want to unblock any one from block list, they need to follow few steps in Gmail Settings. Open settings, then go to Filters and Blocked Addresses tab. Now on right corner you will find unblock option in the list. Just click on it deactivate blocking.

How to Block a Sender in

When you block someone in Outlook, the emails from the sender would be discarded permanently. The emails are not found either in JUNK or DELETED Folders. The discarded sender does not get any notification about its blocking. To block someone in Outlook, Open Outlook Web App, then select an email from the sender and click on Block button available at the top of menu bar. After all the sender would be blocked automatically.

Unblock Sender in

To unblock someone the user need to open their own account, go to Options followed by Junk Email and Blocked sender. Select the intended senders address you want to unblock.

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