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How to Backup & Restore Computer Files?

How to Backup & Restore Computer Files?

How to Backup & Restore Computer Files? – Backup Computer Files – It is the process of copying or archiving of computer data so that it can be restored the original content after data lost due to data deletion or corruption. In Windows Operating System this Backup technique useful for users in order to maintain the consistency of operations in computer. Here we present before you the methods which are obeyed in respect of data backup into the computer system. After all set, the original data will be backed up every hour.

Computer Files Backup Methodologies

  1. Go to Start Button and Select Settings
  2. Then go to Update & Security option.
  3. Go to Backup option and select Add a drive option.
  4. Then the user have to choose the destination where backups are stored.
  5. For more manipulation we may also select “More Options”.

Path for Computer Files Backup Method

Start > Settings > Update & Setting > Backup > Add a drive > Choose Destination.

How to restore your Computer files?

Restoring computer files – It is the process of copying backup data from destination files/ secondary storage and restoring its original content in the original location. This process is done after backup methodologies. It is also known as data management technique.

Computer Files Restore Methodologies

  1. Go to Search Box in the taskbar and write Restore files.
  2. Then Select “Restore your files with File History”.
  3. Now see for required file and use the arrow to see all its version.
  4. Select Restore for required file & version.
  5. Now the data will be saved to original location.
  6. Alternatively, if the user want to save it to different place, press and hold Restore option, to select “Restore to” and choose the final location. 
  7. This is all about computer data backup and restorage. Read the manuals properly to fix problem permanent.


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