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How to backup Gmail in Hard drive

How to backup Gmail in Hard drive

How to backup Gmail in Hard driveHow to backup Gmail into hard drive – The online products that we use to create the digital content have become an integral part of our life. The various data are used to transform the data in digital format as they are constantly updated, stored and shared. So we need to copy all the valuable data safe for our future use. This helps us in being prepared from future emergency. This helps us in case of data loss.

Functionality of Gmail.

Gmail is one of the important features initiated by Google. It helps us to store all the necessary information, files, and other important contacts. There might be certain message that is very crucial for user and is needed to keep it safely.   So we need to keep our information safe and hence we can create backup of it.

Email backup is also very necessary for the user while switching our account to any new mailing service provider. If we wish to transfer the data to new account then in that case there is possibility of losing the data. Then we need to have a backup of entire data manually.

Procedure to backup Gmail.

Gmail also provides option to recover the data or user can use the third party app. User can create back up of entire information in our Local hard drive or in External hard drive through Google Data Tool. It requires archiving all the information of email data that we need to protect at local storage level and exporting these files through Data Tool.

How to backup Gmail into hard drive.

Open the Gmail account and click on My Account and move to Personal info and privacy. If we wish to archive files of our data and click on create archive.

To archive the mail click on double request and select the required one.


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