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How to avoid overheating of your Laptop

How to avoid overheating of your Laptop

How to avoid overheating of your Laptop – It is obvious that your laptop gets heated during working or any other conditions. Today manufacturers are trying their best to make a product which is smaller and smaller. So how can it be possible? The laptop has many small components embedded inside it. The components include microprocessor, motherboard, hard drive, capacitor, resistance, diode and others.

How to avoid overheating of your Laptop

A company need to keep all such devices closer to each other to make it smaller and thinner. And we know that these components produce heat during processing. Since they are close to each other, so heat generated do not escape easily with the help of cooling fans.

In this article we have some tips regarding avoidance of overheat from your laptop. The methods to avoid overheating of your laptop is discussed below.

  1. Clean the air vents on the surface of the laptop body. With the time being dust accumulates on these vents, which will block passage of hot air outside. A user can purchase a small electric cleaner to regularly clean dust accumulated on the surface of the vents.
  2. While keeping inside the bag, make sure your laptop is switched off.
  3. Kindly shut down your laptop overnight to let it cool. Keep it in standby mode when you wish to use laptop on time interval. This will reduce heat on laptops components and also save power which is economically good.
  4. On idle mode, never keep any object above the keyboard. This will intimate computer to repeatedly turn on or off. As a result, a considerable heat will generate or it will drain your battery backups.
  5. Never put your laptops on cushion or any soft material in your home. It will obstruct the airflow through vents at the surface of laptop body. As a result, your laptop gets overheated.

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