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How to autofill Credit Card details in Microsoft Edge for Android

How to Autofill Credit Card details in Microsoft Edge for Android

How to autofill Credit Card details in Microsoft Edge for Android – Microsoft has recently released Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS platforms. With the introduction of MS Edge, many extensive features which are available in Windows are mapped to Android and iOS machines. Among all, the auto filling of details related to credit Credit/ Debit card is also possible on Android Smartphones. Now you are not required to enter same details all the time during online transactions by your Android or iOS Smartphones.

In this article, we will illustrate you the methods to set up Auto filling of Credit/Debit card details on your Android or iOS Smartphones. Microsoft Edge Android app is not just a basic browser available for Android phones and tablets. It has some specific features too that helps the users to be more productive and dynamic.

After Setting Up, your Edge will fetch details from the memory to fill a specific type of form whenever you want to pay online through your smartphones. The two main features of automated filling resume on your android or iOS phones are –

  1. Credit Card Details Autofill.
  2. Address Autofill.

You can configure credit card auto filling on usable Android phones and Tablet devices only. After following below steps your machine is ready for autofill transaction by saving your mean time.

Steps to Set up Auto Fill in Microsoft Edge for Android

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser on your Android device.
  2. Now go to more button option above (…).
  3. In a pop-up menu, you will find the field labeled Settings that will navigate you to the settings menu inside Microsoft Edge.
  4. Now select a menu says Autofill and Payments
  5. Navigate to Credit cards menu.
  6. Now enter all credit card details as required by Microsoft edge.
  7. Save and exit.

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