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How to add Security Question to Reset Windows 10 Password

How to add Security Question to Reset Windows 10 Password

How to add Security Question to Reset Windows 10 PasswordHow to add Security Question to Reset Windows 10 Password- Every Operating System requires a Pin or a password to protect our account. This feature helps us to prevent the stealing of data or other necessary information. It is very necessary as it keeps us protected from other third party. But the major concern is what if we lost our password or forget it. As there is no way to bypass this security feature of windows.
In this phase the Security option becomes very important for us. Here in this article we are about to tell you the method to reset the password using a security question.

Our Microsoft account is linked with windows Account and we can add a security question through Recover the Microsoft Account Password it right from the login screen.

How to Set security question in windows 10.

While creating a Microsoft Account it is necessary to set a few security questions. It helps in getting our account recovered when we forget our password. We must know the answer of all added security questions.
We can also update our security question according to time. It makes our privacy maintained. To update the security question and answer we must follow the steps. Click on setting and go to Account then click on your info and then sign in option.
Now click on update and security questions.  Here we will find a lot of question but to access them user need to answer them correctly. User must know that he has to answer atleast 3 question.

How to Reset Windows 10 Account Password.

On the login screen enter the password that we remember. If it is wrong then we will get an link below the password box that means Rest Password. User has to click in it. User has to follow the next steps and ultimately he will be able to reset his password.

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