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How to add Reading List in Microsoft Edge

How to add Reading List in Microsoft Edge

How to add Reading List in Microsoft Edge – This article is helpful for such users who are interested in reading e-books, saved article and other reading part all the time, while travelling on bus, train or in weekend holidays. Microsoft Edge contains a feature called reading list where you can place these e-books, reading contents etc. You can also read an e-books in your browser. Only you have to do is select a book on the web and it will automatically open in Edge where you can save it to your reading list.

This feature is available in window 10 PC where you are required to Sign in with a Microsoft account. Reading list feature proved to be beneficial for article readers, where they do not bother about missing or searching for same article again. The interested articles or e-books are saved permanently and read whenever required.
The Steps to Add Favourite to your reading list

Whenever a user find a suitable article or e-books on internet, they have to save it on Microsoft Edge for later use. Now they can save it to favourite list through – Select “Add to favourite or reading list” and then Reading List > Add. Or right click any link and select Add to reading list without even visiting the page. When you want to read, select Hub and then Reading list.

The feature indulge reading with fewer distractions. The user do not feel distraction while reading due to clear and simple layout. For such select Reading View in the address bar.

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