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How to Add Digital Signature to Outlook Email

How to Add Digital Signature to Outlook Email

How to Add Digital Signature to Outlook Email – Email messaging service provides us facility to send and receive message over the network, where both sender and receiver are associated with unique email address. The message attached with email address passes over the network where snooping and other malicious attempts are in abundance. Seeking protection from these malicious attempts would be possible by adding Digital Signature to emails. The protection is required to tell the recipient that the email they received is genuine and has not been changed or manipulated during transmission. In this article we focus on how to add a Digital Signature to Microsoft Outlook and Digital Certificate concept.

How to Add Digital Signature to Outlook Email

What is Digital Email Certificate?

Digital Email Certificate guarantees that the contents of the message to receiver are exactly the same as what was sent by the sender and no intermediate threat was done. If anyone tries to manipulate any of the packets of message during transmission then recipient will show an error message. A digital signature certificate consists of a key privately associated with an email id. You can see the certificate by clicking on the badge icon above the message in Outlook or other email clients. Digital certificate are issued by same bodies which offer SSL and other types of certificates. A single email address does not have two digital certificates.

How to add a Digital Signature to Outlook?

Let’s take an example of a Certificate Manager, Comodo which is a paid software allowing user to manage digital certificates over the network. Here you can also employ encryption – decryption technique to secure the message. In such case both sender and receiver has to download same software for encrypting and decrypting the email. Another way to provide security across the network is the use of Private Key. The sender will store the actual encrypted message on own server and sent a Private Key with Message link to the recipient. The recipient will click on link and use the key to decrypt the emails. But concept is hidden and user need to enter only allow to access the original message.

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