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How to Access Multiple download in Firefox or Chrome

How to Access Multiple download in Firefox or Chrome

How to Access Multiple download in Firefox or ChromeHow to Access Multiple download in Firefox or Chrome – Every user surf on the internet and always download pictures, Gallery, Video document and other necessary file. These files are usually stored in local storage in the PCs. All web browsers like google chrome, mozila firefox, internet explorer and many more. We can track all the downloaded contents in the downloaded folder.

We need to manually change the folder if we need to organize every file and need to change the download location during every download.

Function of Download Manager

We can also use Download Manager to manage and access file and can also download large file and fast speed.
We can also suspend the active download task in it and we can also easily display all the downloads and can also use other alternatives like add-ons called Save In. These add- ons are available for both Firefox and chrome.
Save In is a browser that enables users to download multiple task and allows flexible renaming of the downloads, Versatile routing and provides and option to save as shortcut.

Process to download Addon.
First Install the Addon, and Activate it.
If we want to download it from the web, right click on the files you want to download. From the context menu click
on Save In.
Click on the folder we want to download from the drop down menu.
If we want to create another download folder, follow these steps.
Open the browser and click on save In.
Go to Option.

Rename the inside the download location.The Web extension API allows saving file to the default folder location.
If we want to download the file outside the default file directory we will need to use Symlink.
The symlink basically points to the folder or file where we wish to download the file. It is used to byepass the restriction.

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