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How Periscope Apps allows real time Broadcasting

How Periscope Apps allows real time Broadcasting

How Periscope Apps allows real time Broadcasting – You have seen number of videos on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networking channels, but these videos are pre-recorded one. These videos are recorded earlier and uploaded on Social media. But here we will discuss about an apps which allow user to broadcast or view streaming videos occurring at real time with Broad Band/ Wi-Fi services. The name of such apps is Periscope. You have heard or seen submarine periscope which is used to see live events going on above the water.

How Periscope Apps allows real time Broadcasting

The Periscope app was founded by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein in February 2014. Periscope was purchased by Twitter in January 2015 and was launched in 26 March, 2015. At that time live video was added to Twitter’s real-time text service. These real-time videos steaming can be viewed or broadcasted within the members of twitter. The app also allowed broadcaster the power to block members from viewed or chatting during real time events.

To use Periscope, a user need to download the app first and login/sign up with twitter account. If a user doesn’t have twitter account he/she can sign up/ login with their phone numbers. The best use of periscope app is to show people imaginary things live on surrounding, show your kids charming activity and other interesting events going on. The periscope allow viewer to make comments via chat or send hearts as likes.

Periscope allow user to start broadcasting live videos from their phone after a few clicks. The user need to open the app and hit on camera icon to avail broadcast now page. At first time user need to allow access to the microphone and camera and enter the name of the broadcast which is going to start. One the broadcast now page, hit the Start Broadcast button to start streaming with the default settings. Above the Start broadcast button, there are few icons which allow you to change the default settings. There is an option for location on or off, choose followers who can view, chat icon with settings and twitter icon to post on twitter.

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