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How do optical mouse work on Computer

How do optical mouse work on Computer

How do optical mouse work on ComputerHow do optical mouse work on Computer – Mouse is generally used with computer for pointing, clicking, browsing, rolling up & down objects present on the screen. The mouse can be connected with computer via wire or Bluetooth device. There are two popular types of mouse present in the market. They are Wheeled mouse and Optical mouse. Both of them are designed to do same work. Since LED based optical mouse is more reliable and user friendly.

The computer users do not prefer wheeled mouse much compared to optical one. Optical mouse was developed by Agilent Technology and launched in market on late 1999. The optical mouse has several advantages over wheeled mice which is discussed below.

  1. Since optical mouse do not contain any movable parts, reducing any chance of failure.
  2. Optical mouse does not require any special surface, like that of mouse pad.wh
  3. It does not allow dirt to get inside the mouse and interfere the tracking sensors.

Working Principle of Optical Mouse: –

The working of optical mouse depends upon some electronics device embedded inside it. It can work on any surface. The devices it contains are Camera, LED, CMOS sensor and a special Processor. The tiny camera takes 1500 pictures per second. It contains a red LED light that bounces light off that surface onto a CMOS sensor. The sensor sends each picture for analysis to a special processor called DSP (Digital Signal Processor). The DSP has the capability to detect and compare present and previous patterns.

Based on the changing pattern, the DSP determines how far the mouse has moved and sends the respective coordinate to the computer. As a result, computer moves the cursor on the screen. The event occurs hundred times in each second making the cursor move smooth.

The original optical-mouse bounced a focused beam of light off a highly-reflective mouse pad onto a sensor. The mouse pad possesses a grid of dark lines. Each time the mouse was moved, the beam of light is interrupted by the grid. Whenever the light is interrupted, the sensor sent a signal to the computer and the cursor moved accordingly.

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