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How do HoloLens Update & Connect to Wi-Fi Network

How do HoloLens Update & Connect to Wi-Fi Network

HoloLens checks for system update from time to time, if update is available it will automatically download and Install. The user is not required to manually update the program. The HoloLens itself update its system. Now if a user want to check whether HoloLens system is up to date or not, he/she manually check this. The user is required to Go to Settings > Update > Check for updates. If your settings app will say that your device is up to date, it means HoloLens system is up to date.

Let’s proceed to next topic i.e. Connecting HoloLens to Wi-Fi Network. If a user is connecting HoloLens to Wi-Fi for the first time he/she has to check all the essential settings related to Wi-Fi network. During Wi-Fi set up make sure your network is either open or password protected and does not required any credentials. You can also connect HoloLens to other types of Wi-Fi networks.

If above procedure does not work, then follow the steps given below.

  1. Bloom to go to start > Select Settings
  2. Use your gaze to position the settings app, then air tap to place it or say place.
  3. Select “Network & Internet > Wi-Fi.
  4. Select the preferred network > Click on Connect.
  5. If password is required, insert and click on next.

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