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How do frequent shut down harm your Computer

How do frequent Shut down harm your Computer

How do frequent shut down harm your Computer – We use computers for our personal as well as business purpose and therefore starts and shutdown as we wish. But every running computer has an average life span of five to seven years. Although average life may increase if you shut down your PC at night and start it back in the morning. We may frequently power down and restart our computer as per need. But this will potentially damage your hard disk drive. How is it so? In ancient times you have seen a spinning magnetized disk that is read by a head (look like a needle).

How do frequent shut down harm your Computer

When your computer is on, the head does not make contact with the spinning disk. It floats above the disk maintaining a thin cushion of air. The head will park over the surface at shutdown. Now if we again powered back on, since the head was with contact with the disk, there may be possibility of scratches and memory loss. But don’t worry if your computer is built after 1990’s, since the head will automatically place in safer area after shutdown.

However, such loss and scratches do not evolve on modern computers affecting the life span of it. You may be surprised to know that your computer will wear down when it is On. When your computer is On, the components inside gets heated due to active processing of data and software. And heat itself will damage the electrical components. To make it cool a fan is running continuously as a result the bearings will damage itself.

The main drawback of shutdown and startups is the time taken by it to perform any computational work. The way we compromise is to keep our computer on sleep mode or hibernate. In such case active component would be only RAM. Since in such case minimal amount of energy is consumed. According to experts if we do not have any work for several hours and computer is on, then it will be better to switch it off.

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