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Hot water machine cooling technique in Supercomputer

Hot water machine cooling technique in Supercomputer

Hot water machine cooling technique in Supercomputer – In supercomputers, large number of electronic components work together to aggregate extensive computing power. With the use of these no of processors, capacitors, ICs & other, the machine gets extremely heated. To counter these concerned heating, the developer used to design a cooling system which frequently cool the machine.

Hot water machine cooling technique in Supercomputer

Since these traditional cooling systems consume more energy and cost. Most personal and business computers use fans and open slots to circulate room temperature air through the machine to keep circuit & moving parts cool. In large mainframe machines supercooled air and low temp refrigeration technique is used to cool the circuitry. But these technique uses a lot of energy for operation.

In this article we will see how hot water are used to cool the supercomputer. This technology is more efficient in terms of energy consumption and costing. Since the system will consume 40 percent less energy than other cooling mechanism.

In year 2012, Engineers at Leibnitz Supercomputing Centre designed a new Supercomputer called SuperMUC which uses water cooled servers to operate with speed up to 3petaflops which is more than 110000 personal computers. The system is a copy of working principle which allow blood and water move through our bodies keeping the machine at about 45 degrees Celsius.

The existing difference between the air cooling and fluid coolant system results in decreasing 40 percent of energy and increasing efficiency by 10 times. The SuperMUC uses 40 percent less energy than would be required by an equivalent air-cooled system.

The hot water cooling system is very eco conscious and incorporate green solution into their design enabled the SuperMUC to break many operational barriers. The water pumped into the microchannel drops the heat to some extent and again pumped back into the machine repeatedly. This mechanism is about 4000 times more efficient than air cooling.

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