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History of Robotics – A Past of Robot Technology

History of Robotics – A Past of Robot Technology

History of Robotics – A Past of Robot TechnologyWhat is Robotics? – The branch of technology which engaged in the design, construction, application, and Operation of Robots. This assumption of Robots like creature which will easy human life was under consideration before 18th century. Today Robots are mostly used in place of number of humans to perform any job or task. Robots are humanoid machines – machines that mimic, or excel, humans in purpose and shape. They can perform work in very less time with accuracy. Here will be focus on History of Robotics. How Robotics can into existence? Who had contributed a lot in designing this beautiful Human like Creature? What are the important laws related to Robotics? So we start our topic History of Robotics – A Past of Robot Technology below.

Do you Know Some One will Replace Us from this Planet?

This is very interesting to know that Science has discovered a Creature which will replace us from our Planet. These are not Aliens but Robots. In this article we will learn about History of Robotics in simple and precise manner. The History of Robotics – A Past of Robot Technology can be understood well though the content given below.

  1. The lore of the Ancients:

In 4th century BC when Greek Mathematician Archytas (Tarentum) proposed the design of a Steam-Propelled bird. The design was printed on coins. The design has accreditation that the bird Protect, or attack, or Save mankind. But in 1495, one of the best documented design of humanoid Robot came out from Da Vinci’s Notebooks. In 18th Century lot of work was done in the field of Robotics. This era was a Robotics pioneer of that time. Toys which was means of entertainment made for the rich. The toys were capable of acting, drawing, flying and playing music. A flute player was built by Vaucanson.

  1. The Humanoids arrive

In 19th century, George Boole discovered a mathematical form which was understandable to Machine – Boolean Algebra. The automated Jacquard loom and Difference Engine (Charles Babbage) play a key role for the future of Robotics. In 1898 Nikola Tesla has developed a remote controlled Robot boat, which gave the concept of wireless control in field of Robotics. Gakuten Soku – The first humanoid Robot was built by Makotu Nishimura of Japan (a biologist). This Robot perform some gestures like moving its head and hand. Elektro – A Robot was built by Westinghouse Electric Corporation, which can blow balloons and speak about 700 words, walk by voice command, smoke cigarettes, and move hand and head.

Asimov’s science fiction in 1940 gave few cultural phenomenon to the development of Robotics. These phenomenon is also called as three laws of Robotics.

  1. First Law: A Robot cannot harm or injure a human being.
  2. Second law: A Robot must obey the orders given by human being keeping in mind the first law.
  3. Third law: A Robot must protect its own existence which does not conflicts first or second law.
  4. Zeroth law: It may not harm humanity.
  1. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The Unimate – The first industrial Robot was built by George Devol in 1954 and patented in 1961. This period also saw a lot of interest in Robotics.

The Shakey – A first mobile Robot was built by Stanford Research Institute, which can comprehend and reason about its surroundings. This Robot was manipulated with combination of multiple sensor inputs including laser rangefinders, TV cameras and Bump Sensors. In 1960, the Robotics was introduced with ELIZA and HAL.

  1. A New Robotic Hope:

In 1970, Both PUMA (Programmable Universal Manipulation Arms) and the SCARA (Selective Complaint Articulated Robot Arm) Technology was used. The Manufacturing processes was incorporated mostly on building Robotic arms for dangerous tasks or to increase efficiency. In this decade the existence of human like Robots, pre assumptions was predicted by Scientist and Engineers.

  1. From Humanoid to humanlike

In 1986, Honda began a research project to develop a Robot, which could interact with humans. Many decade gone with this project to bear fruitful results. This decade showed Robots contribution in space exploration especially Mars Mission in the 90’s. The Cyberknife – a stereotactic radiosurgery Robot was invented in 1994, which could treat tumors by using a minimally invasive method with same accuracy like doctors.

  1. The millennial Robots

ASIMO – The Advanced Robot was built by Honda, weighing only 54 kg. This Robot was capable of communication with humans. The Robot can run, walk, interact etc. AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Robot) – a Robotic dog which was capable of interacting with humans was invented. AIBO can respond to over voice commands and talk in a tonal language.

This was a clear cut view of History of Robotics, where step by step evolution of Robot uses and operations are mentioned. The successful and Courageous attempt by most of the Scientists and Company’s sow a seed for advancement in Robotics Technology in coming future. This is about History of Robotics – A Past of Robot Technology, a short story about Robotics.

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