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High Follower Twitter account behave much like Bots

High Follower Twitter account behave much like Bots

High Follower Twitter account behave much like Bots – According to recent study, twitter accounts with higher number of followers like accounts of Celebrities, Actors, Players and other popular persons behave much like a bot accounts even if they are ostensibly managed by human beings.

The researchers are in the way to find the procedure by which they can detect the event. They have developed an algorithm which is capable of assessing large follower twitter account with reliable and accuracy. Researchers have developed the so called algorithm by analysing the distinct patterns showed in accounts behaviour, from no of retweets, likes and no of tweets linking to outside websites. The researchers have found around 10 million followers behave much like a bots accounts. This may be because large accounts sites like BBC or CNN totally depends on automation to disseminate information efficiently.

According to Researcher Zafar Gilani “We think this is probably because bots aren’t that good at creating original Twitter content, so they rely a lot more on retweets and redirecting followers to external websites”.

In simple terms we can say a bot uses much of the data from retweets and redirecting followers linked to external sites. Even though bots tweets are not liked so much as compare to human sent tweets. According to Study, Human sent tweets are 19 times more likes and 10 times more retweets.

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