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Google SOS Alerts on Disaster Updates

Google SOS Alerts on Disaster Updates

Google SOS Alerts on Disaster Updates – Google has recently released SOS alert service which will keep updating recent information regarding disaster affected areas. The feature will be available above the search results and google maps. Google will also send notification to the user of the affected areas on their mobile. If a user is looking for a particular area or place on search results, google will intimate this SOS alert, if that area is prone to disaster.

Google SOS alert facility will be integrated on google map app on mobile phones. If a user find themselves closer to the disaster affected area google will notify them about the ongoing situation at that place. According to Google, it is working closely with the crisis management organisation and government of all country for fetching real time information regarding disaster prone areas.

Google not only provide information regarding latest update on disaster prone areas but also relief contact details and emergency number. Google collects deep knowledge regarding road closures, shelters, news updates and other information about disaster affected areas. On Google map a specific SOS icon will be displayed, by clicking it we can know all information regarding disaster. The Google map will also show updates on route closures, diversions, traffic etc.

Till now it is not clear that Google SOS alert service will work in India. When researchers searched for ongoing Gujarat downpour, they didn’t found SOS alerts popped up on Google search engine. Google is still expanding their research to reach this feature globally.

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