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Google Pixel Buds Wireless Earphones Features

Google Pixel Buds Wireless Earphones Features

Google Pixel Buds Wireless Earphones Features – With the recent release of Google Home, Smart Speaker and Pixel 2 Phones, Google has introduced a brand new pair of wireless earphone called Pixel Buds. The Pixel Buds offer interesting features including real-time translation upto 40 languages and Smart Google Assistant improvements. The Google Pixel Buds would be paired with new Google pixel device. The Google new release is similar to the Apple’s Airpods wireless headphones.

Pixel buds having great design deliver clear highs and deep bass resulting incredible sound from both ends. With pixel buds controlling your music is clear & simple because all of the controls are built over the right ear bud. The users need to tap to start or stop the music or slide forward & backward to increase or decrease the volume. As you pair the pixel buds with pixel phone you get instant access to Google Assistant which allow user to ask the system to play the music, send the text or give walking direction by just touching & holding the earbuds.

The earbuds is available in three colors viz White, Kinda Blue and Black. The system will also alert you the new notifications, read the messages while keeping your mobile on pocket. The earbuds possess wireless design and a thin cable which connects the two ends. The cable not only passes sound between the earbuds but also keep it safe on ears. The real time translation services via Google Translate will translate from both sides efficiently in 40 languages. So no worry about the language problem will enhance connectivity between individuals from different lands.

A Google pixel bud comes in pocket size charging case providing upto 5 hours playback time with just one charge. While pocket size charging case allow playback of about 24 hours in total,which is similar to Airpods available by Apple. The Google pixel bud is available in market on $159 which can be ordered online and ship within 2 months.

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