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Google New Physical Security Key advanced Authentication Method

Google New Physical Security Key advanced Authentication Method

Google has recently replaced the existing two factor authentication process with the newest Physical Security Key. The new authentication process is more reliable than the prior one. This two factor authentication process is also shortly abbreviated as 2FA. The Physical Security key is used to avoid illegal online activity like phishing, hacking etc. compared to traditional two factor authentication process.

The simple way which hackers use to gain access to accounts is by impersonating the users and pretending they have been locked out of their account. So to provide strongest safeguard against such attack the latest advanced protection methods are used.

Google has stepped towards advanced protection process due to large hacking activity associated with Journalists, business and political leaders. Although physical security key is a dongle either Bluetooth or USB, are plugged in to prove the identity of individuals to Google.

According to Google –”To provide the strongest defence against phishing, Advanced Protection goes beyond traditional 2-Step Verification. You will need to sign into your account with a password and a physical Security Key”.

The recently added Physical Security Key will replace both SMS authentication and Google Authenticator apps authentication.

Google Says – “Third-party apps that want access to Gmail or Drive will no longer have permission. For secure access, you will need to use the Gmail app or Inbox by Gmail”. It means the malicious apps cannot access your most sensitive data such as Emails and Drive files.

Again Google says – “If you ever lose access to your account and both of your Security Keys, the added verification requirements will take a few days to restore access to your account”. It means if a user ever forget or lost their both traditional security keys then they have to follow few procedure to restore access to accounts.

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