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Google India added new features to AdWords

Google India added new features to AdWords

Google India added new features to AdWords – In 2000 Google has launched Google AdWords which allowed Advertisers to advertise their contents on the Search Engine. The search engine gain returns revenue from the advertisers, when end users click on these advertisements. Earlier this month, Google has extended regional language support to AdWords, where Adsense allow publishers to create contents in their regional languages in India. The advertisement layout may be in any language as per choice of advertisers. The AdWords is a platform where people can advertise ads in the sponsored links section next to search results.

Recently Google has decided to launch new features to AdWords to enhance the work of advertisers in a better way. Due to these new features AdWords will load pages 20 % more faster than previous speed to provide instant information to end users.

According to Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management, AdWords – “With the new AdWords, there is less clutter and more intuitive workflows, allowing advertisers to now quickly make the changes that will move their business forward”.

The New features which are Introduced in the AdWords are – Extensions, Call bid adjustments and landing pages.

What do AdWords Extension feature do?

The Extensions feature will optimize information like phone numbers, links or promotions. The attractive new design and layout will bind end users to spend 30 percent more time during their work.

What do AdWords Call bid Adjustments feature do?

This option will allow publishers manage how the call option bind to appear with the advertisement.

What do AdWords Landing pages feature do?

The landing pages option will allow publisher to track the performance of landing pages accurately. By this the advertisers will be able to track which URL domain in their side are mobile friendly. Which URL drive the most sales and which URL need Attention.

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