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Google Glass with SHORE can detect Human Emotions

Google Glass with SHORE can detect Human Emotions

Google Glass with SHORE can detect Human Emotions – Human intention & emotion are picked up with spoken words as well as with tone of voice and body language. These are the ways how human express their feelings with others. Now technology will successfully detect human intentions and emotions with the help of Google Glass and SHORE. Google Glass is a wearable computer which uses SHORE, a human emotion detector for picking up human real intentions.

Google Glass with SHORE can detect Human Emotions

Here SHORE stands for Sophisticated High-Speed Object Recognition Engine. The application was designed for object recognition purpose. SHORE need a simple digital camera to perform all its calculation. And such camera is available in Google Glass, so they together doe all such extraordinary work.

The Google Glass will display a continuous feed of visual updates produced by SHORE. SHORE can make a pretty good guess about expressions like happy, sadness, surprise, angry. It can also guess whether you are male or female, your age etc. It can easily detect whether your face is forward, backward, rotated or tilted. The software uses its saved algorithms to deduce the emotional state of  target at front.

SHORE could be applied in many areas where facial recognition is mostly required. Below are some applicable areas where SHORE can be successfully used. Medical personnel can easily identify the physical pain in patients. It can detect Psychological distress like depression, which could not be identified in many people.

Car makers can integrate SHORE to detect driver drowsiness, which awaken driver in danger. Marketing company may deploy this application to judge consumers reactions to evaluate its products as per customer satisfaction.

SHORE does not use network connection to perform all its calculations. Neither it shares captured images with any one. Shore can be used not only on Google Glass but also on any computer with a simple camera such as smartphones, tablets etc.

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