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Google Auto Play Videos in Search Results

Google Auto Play Videos in Search Results

Google Auto Play Videos in Search Results – Recently it is observed that Google, a giant Search Engine presents muted Auto play video on Google search results. Whenever a user write anything on search engine tab and press enter, Google display an Auto play video without audio on the right side of the desktop search results. The Auto play video will not play in loop. The auto play video will pop up on the right sidebar of the search result. For Example – when a user search for latest movies, Google as a result play relevant movies trailer on the right side of the search result. Although it is observed that the search is not asking for videos but for Name of Director. The Audio can be raised by clicking seek line at the bottom of the video. According to advanced users, computer analyst and Programmer this auto play video is also said as SEM post.

This type of view are used by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others. Google has not cleared how it count the views of these auto play videos and how it prioritise these you tube videos that showed as a result of searching. In YouTube, the auto play video play in loop but in Google it play only once without audio. Yet google has not given any option to stop this auto play video.

It is also found that this type of auto play videos appears on Desktop but not in Mobiles in google search results. According to a Google spokesperson – “We are constantly experimenting with ways to improve the search experience for our users”. So this is one of the reason behind presenting auto play videos on google search results. We hope in future it will help more to the user information gathering.

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