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Glass Disc Storage life Span 13.8 Billion Years

Glass Disc Storage life Span 13.8 Billion Years

Glass Disc Storage life Span 13.8 Billion Years – The Scientists from the University of Southampton the United Kingdom have created glass disc capable of storing data upto 360 terabytes with estimated lifespan upto 13.8 billion years even at the temperature of 190 degree Celsius. So the life span of this disc is 3 times the age of the earth. The storage is non-volatile which do not face or say survive the human race. The new data format which encodes information in tiny nanostructure in glass. The five dimensional data storage method make the dream true.

What is the method by which it is possible?

In order to understand this we have to compare regular CD with 5D’s Glass Discs. The data is read from a normal CD by shining a laser at a tiny line with bumps in it. Whenever the laser hits a bump it is reflected back and recorded as 1. But whenever it does not hit a bump, it is recorded as 0. The CDs can store anything like music, books, images, videos, or software. Only because of these bumpy line the data is stored on the surface of the CD. But the bumpy lines can be physical eroded, scratched and damage due to exposure to air, heat and humidity.

But on the other side 5D Glass discs store information within their interior surface with the help of Nano gratings technique. The reflected light from the surface encodes five types of data and orientation of x, y and z made it possible to do so. To record data, spots are imprinted on the glass using a femtosecond laser. A femtosecond laser produces a bursts of laser light that last for just 280 femtoseconds (very less compared to second). These spots are capable of recording upto three bits of data in two dimensions (2D). By adjusting the focus of the laser, the device is able to create layers of dots that are separated by five micrometres in the z-axis. Then by simply moving the laser horizontally and vertically these tri-bits can be stored in two more dimensions, aggregating the total to 5D.

These 5D discs can last for so long because glass is a tough material which melt or wrap by applying large amount of heat. The disc are stable both physically and chemically. According to the Researchers, the 5D discs remain safe upto the temperatures of 1,000°C.

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