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Free Text Processing Software SciTE for Programmers

Free Text Processing Software SciTE for Programmers

There is good news for Programmers who regularly use traditional Notepad for writing thousands of codes. Boredom Notepad writers wave their way towards Notepad ++ but, there comes a new free text processing software SciTE for programmers. It is quite easy to use SciTE. It can be used by anyone from Beginners to Techsavvy.Free Text Processing Software SciTE for Programmers

In this article we will focus on features and func tions of this free text processing software. The user interface in SciTE is very neat and clean. This software is portable and do not require installation.Text Processing Software SciTE and its features: –

  • Language Support – It supports most of the programming language like C, C++, C#, CSS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, and others. Programmers need to select language. As a result, language-oriented syntax will be shown.
  • Bookmark lines – Programmer can bookmark any lines of codes as required.
  • Find in File Option – Using this option, you can find out any text from a bunch of files. You can also refer directory in order to search a file or word.
  • Comment – Like other scripts, you can include “/* */” to insert your comments.
  • Copy file path – If you have opened a file, but you forget the file path, you can copy from the same panel. Just paste the path to open the desired files.
  • Loading of previously opened files – A programmer can open the previously opened files from the FILE menu. This feature is available in Notepad ++.
  • Export as PDF – This feature is unique for SciTE. It allows you to export any code to Portable document format. This feature is not available in any text processing tool. Free Text Processing Software SciTE for Programmers

How to use SciTE on Windows –

As explained earlier, SciTE do not require installation. You need to just click on the executable file (launch SciTE).Free Text Processing Software SciTE for Programmers

How to Open/ Create a file in SciTE?

Go to File> Open. To create a new file, Select File > New.

How to Export a file in SciTE?

You can export any file by File> Export > as HTML/RTF/PDF/LaTex/XML.

Launch the software and check all the features without any hesitation.

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