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Flash Plugin Crash Error Message Possible Reasons

Flash Plugin Crash Error Message Possible Reasons

Flash Plugin Crash Error Message Possible Reasons  – When we talk about animated games, stories, movies; imparts special experience as compared to other video formats. Flash Plugin is a software program which allow your PC to show and interact with animated files being in flash format. The browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome use this flash plugin to view animated images and videos in flash format. Now the reason for such error message of crash vary from browser to browser. In this article we will look upon all the possible reasons for flash crash among these internet browsers.
Reasons for Flash Software Crash in Google Chrome

Google chrome contain its own flash software embedded in it, whose performance depends upon system flash installation. Sometimes Google Chrome uses both types of flash, Internal and installation on your machine. This simultaneous use of both types of flash may be the reason of freezing or crash. In order to check if this may be the reason – Type “about://plugins” in the address bar of the chrome window. So, to eliminate these crashing of flash plugin, kindly disable any one of them and use one which you trust more. If such simultaneous use or duplicate flash files are not the reason of crash check if your system might have virus or malware.

In order to check that your system is malware free or not, type “Chrome://conflicts” in to the address bar of the chrome. Now chrome will display a list of third party application being reason for conflict with chrome.
Reasons for Flash Software Crash in Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox, the possible reason for flash plugin crash might be outdated or pirated version of flash. So, check the flash player if it need updating. So, the user need to manually install the latest version of flash from Adobe website. After installation of updated version of Flash, disable the hardware acceleration. The hardware acceleration uses the video graphic card for extra processing power while displaying animations or videos.
Reasons for Flash Software Crash in Internet Explorer

The possible reason for flash crash in internet explorer might be outdated or pirated version of it. So the user need to update the flash software first and then check if all the issues are resolved. If the problem persists, check that add on of another browser may be conflicting. In order to disable or remove add Ons, click on Manage Add-Ons and manage all issues.

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