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Fix This Site Can’t Be Loaded from The Cache Chrome Error

Fix This Site Can’t Be Loaded from The Cache Chrome Error

This Site Can’t Be Loaded from The Cache – Today, there are several browsers available with extensive features on it. Each browser has its own importance and working principle. Some of the popular browsers available online are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Internet Explorer, UC Browser, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Swift fox etc. The popularity of these browsers depends upon the features available in it.

Among them Google Chrome is the newest and mostly used browser around the world. Holding lots of feature make it more complex and hence more prone to errors. The types of error come up with the level of complexity of the program. If you are Chrome user and facing one of such error then read the full article. In this article, we focus on an error saying “This site can’t be loaded from the cache“. The explanation included with this error will be “The saved (cached) copy of this site was unreadable“. Apart from above statements, there is a coding with underscore “ERR_CACHE_MISS“.

Reading the explanation & coding we can say that the error is related to Caching process working on background. The other reason might be conflicting of browser extensions with the normal functioning of a website. So, we need to troubleshoot the entire Caching & Extension process. There are four unique processes which must be followed to solve the error completely.

Troubleshooting “This Site Can’t Be Loaded from The Cache” error

Procedure1: Remove the browsing data

Procedure2: Flushing of DNS Cache Memory

Procedure3: Clear the conflicting browser extension

Procedure4: Reset the Chrome Developer Tools Settings

Fix “This Site Can’t Be Loaded from The Cache” Chrome Error

Procedure1: This is the general troubleshooting which must be performed initially. This is done to fix error which is conflicting the normal loading of website. It works on more cases. Open the Chrome browser. Press Ctrl + H combo button to open browsing history. In history page, there are lots of browsing link saved with date & time. You need to select every checkbox and click on Delete. You can also delete all the browsing data by clicking on “Clear browsing data” option. It will allow you to delete the entire browsing data in one click.

Procedure2: If PC is facing DNS issue, then we need to flush the Windows DNS Cache. This is due to DNS cache poisoning & spoofing. We can flush DNS cache using command prompt. Open Command Prompt Window with Admin privilege. Now type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter. As a result, DNS cache is flushed.

Procedure3: Extensions and toolbars installed on our browser might be halting the loading of website. So, we need to remove the conflicting extensions saved in chrome browser. Open chrome new tab. Enter the following code “chrome://extensions” at the place of URL address. Press Enter. In Extension Page, we can easily Enable, Disable or Delete any extensions.

Procedure4: With this setting we can easily Disable Cache memory while Developer tools is open. Open Chrome browser. Press the Combo key CTRL+Shift+I and then hit F1. Now Preferences Window will open. Navigate to Network section. Check mark on Option saying “Disable cache (while DevTools is open)“. Click on Apply then OK.








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