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How to fix programs not switching on taskbar

How to fix programs not switching on taskbar

Fix programs not switching on taskbar – There are moments when multiple programs are running on PC and we switch them in between. This is a general tendency of computer users. We usually open music simultaneously with other programs. This overcome stress in general sense. In Offices, multiple pages of same program are opened. We switch between them to do our task faster. Switching can be done by two unique methods.

  1. By pressing Alt+Tab combo key.
  2. Clicking directly on Taskbar icons.

But sometimes switching between programs gets interrupted. You may notice that neither of the two (above) methods working. As a result, only loading circle icon displays at the center of the screen. If you are facing the same issue then read the full article to fix programs not switching on taskbar. Before proceeding, check if Alt & Tab button are working normally or not.

Procedure to fix programs not switching on taskbar

In this situation we need to follow three basic fixations illustrated below. First of all, close all programs running on PC. Restart the PC. You may check if restarting solved the issue. If restarting solved the issue then ok. Else read the procedures given below.

  • Restart Windows 10 explorer –

Restarting windows explorer will refresh the UI and repair things associated with user interface. In order to do it, open Task manager by pressing ALT+CTRL+DEL Key. Now Task Manager window is open. Search “explorer.exe” from the list of programs. Navigate, right click and select Restart option from the menu. Now open multiple programs and check if switching is establishing or not. Else go to another troubleshooting given below.

fix programs not switching on taskbar

  • Check if programs are running on full screen mode

If you are running programs on full screen mode then it will disable windows key. As a result, you can’t switch between them. This type of problem is seen on gaming programs. So, exit the full screen mode and do what ever you wish to. fix programs not switching on taskbar.

  • Adjust Foreground Lock Time

Open Run Command Window, type “regedit” and hit Enter. This will open Windows Registry Editor window. Follow the path given below.

“HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop”

After navigating to Desktop, Search for “ForegroundLock Timeout” option available on right side of the Window. Double click on it. Now Edit DWord Value wizard will open. The value data would be 20000. You need to change it to 0 (Zero). This will ensure that no other application will take away the focus from your current application.

Hope this article helps you !

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