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Fix Chrome Error DNS Probe Finished Bad Config

Fix Chrome Error DNS Probe Finished Bad Config

Fix Chrome Error DNS Probe Finished Bad Config – Most of us love to use Google Chrome as browser due to its extensive gains. It is one of the popular browsers used nowadays. In this article we troubleshoot a new case. The actual error seen on the screen when we enter proper URL on Chrome is “This Website is not available DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG“. We discussed lots of error related to chrome before. This is a new one caused due to DNS issue prone to Chrome. There is possibility of network error too. So, we go for both options – PC Network Troubleshoot & Chrome Troubleshoot (One by One).

Fix Chrome Error DNS Probe Finished Bad Config


As said earlier, problem remains either on PC Network or Chrome or Both. The PC network troubleshooting will fix all such errors caused due to network connectivity settings. The Chrome troubleshooting will then fix all such error caused due to malware or mislead settings.

Fixing error by PC Network Troubleshooting

  • Check Network Wire, Router and/ or Modem

This is the first attempt which must be done. Before going for hard & fast rules check Network Cable, Router, Modem connected to Computer. Disconnect all of them first & Connect. Now restart the PC and check if problem is solved.

  • Flush DNS, Reset TCP/IP & WinSock

DNS is the tool which remember IP address of earlier opened websites. Opening a website results error B’coz PC DNS still remember old IP. So, in this case we need to empty DNS contents. Same with the case of Winsock & TCP/IP. So, we need to flush their contents manually explained below.

To Flush DNS – Open Command Prompt (Admin) > Type ipconfig/ flushdns > Enter.

To Reset Winsock – Open Command Prompt (Admin) > Type netsh winsock
> Enter.

To Reset TCP/IP – Open Command Prompt (Admin) > Type nets int ip reset resettcpip.txt

  • Remove Proxy Server

Open run command window by pressing Window Key + R. Type the command inetcpl.cpl to open Internet Properties. Now switch to Connection Tab and Click on LAN Settings. Uncheck the Proxy Server use option. Click on OK & Apply button. Now restart the system and check if problem is solved.

Fixing Error by Chrome Troubleshooting

  • Delete History Data or Browsing data

Deleting earlier browsed pages will empty memory intended for Google Chrome. Then, it will function like a new one. So, Open Google Chrome browser now. When open, Press Ctrl + H to open History. Now click on Clear browsing data. There are options to delete pages according choice – Last hour, last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last weeks, All time. Now Click on All > Clear data. This will delete all browsing data from beginning. Now close Chrome. Restart Chrome again. Type the website URL correctly and Press Enter. Check if problem is solved.

  • Run Cleanup Tool for Google Chrome

This will remove any unwanted ads, popups, unusual startup pages or malwares. We can use “Chrome’s Malware scanner & Cleanup Tool” for such purpose.

Go to URL address location and type chrome://settings/cleanup. As a result, Scanning will begin and delete all unwanted things on chrome memory. Now restart Chrome again and check if problem is solved.

Fix Chrome Error DNS Probe Finished Bad Config

Hope this helps you lot!

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