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Fix bootres.dll file supportable for Windows Booting

Fix bootres.dll file supportable for Windows Booting

Fix bootres.dll file supportable for Windows Booting – What to do if bootres.dll file is corrupt? What is the basic function of bootres.dll file? We hit power button and Windows starts within time frame. There are thousands of supportable files consolidated to make booting successful. Among them, bootres.dll is also a supportable booting file. The dll extension is abbreviated as Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs).Fix bootres.dll file supportable for Windows Booting

This is a type of file that can run on Windows as well as other platforms. To run an application, all supportable file must be present in the same file. If any of the file is misplaced or get copied on another folder then apps will not run. The system urges to find the missing file. If it misses the file, then system will automatically return an error message. Since bootres.dll file of size 90 KB saved as critical OS file in Windows. So finally you may receive an error message “Bootres.dll file is corrupt“. If you are receiving the same message then read the whole article.

Procedure to Fix bootres.dll file supportable for Windows Booting

First of all, Restart the PC and press F11 continuously to open Advanced Options. Then navigate to Automatic Repair and follow the instruction. This can only be possible if booting opens Advanced Options. There are more options available in Advanced Options.

  • System Restore
  • Command Prompt
  • System Image Recovery
  • Windows Startup Settings
  • Automatic Repair

If booting does not open Advanced Options you need to repair manually. If Automatic repair fails you need to follow other steps given below.

  • Run SFC in Safe Mode –

So Restart & enter into safe mode. Open the command prompt and type the following. Hit enter after typing the command.


As a result system will run in Safe Mode. Alternatively, we can run System file checker at boot time. This is the older one, where writing the command sfc/scanboot will scan system files every time the computer is booted. Whereas sfc/scanonce command will scan system only once. We can run System File Checker Offline too.

  • Run DISM to repair the System image – 

This will ensure good health and corruption free working of Windows components. It will take about 10 minutes to complete.

  • Repair MBR and Rebuild BCD – 

Switch to Windows Recovery Menu by pressing F8 at the time of booting. Then click on Troubleshoot. Click on Advanced options and navigate to Automatic repair. Open the command prompt wizard and type the below commands one after other. This is also called as Bootrec.exe tool.

bootrec/ rebuildBcd ; First command

bootrec/ fixMbr ; Second command

bootrec/ fixboot; Third command

Finally restart the system to make effective.

  • Reset the PC – If the above process does not solve the problem. Reset the PC.

Go to Advanced Options > Troubleshoot > Reset this PC > Press Enter.

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