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Firewall Network Security System

Firewall Network Security System

Firewall Network Security System – The Computer Firewall is a Network Security System that which check incoming and outgoing network traffic according to predefined security rules. It also acts as a filter which monitor data leaving and entering into the host computer. Its main job is to block unauthorised access and unwanted traffic entering inside the computer system. The concept of firewall technology raised in late 1980s when Internet technology was fairly new one for the world. Computer firewall can be in the form of Hardware or software or both. The software firewall is a program which are used on a single computer or home computer or office computer. Some of the software firewall are – Zone alarm, Sygate and kerio. Hardware firewall also contain software components to protect from unauthorised access. Some of the Hardware firewall are – Linksys, D-link and Netgear.

What are the Characteristics of Firewall in Computers?

  1. The fire wall block messages linking to unwanted contents.
  2. It protect our computer from any unauthorised remote access.
  3. It makes online game safer so that user can enjoy gaming unlimited.
  4. Firewall can block messages linked to unwanted contents.
  5. The user can block unsuitable or disturbing content with a firewall.

What are the Types of Computer Firewall?

  1. Proxy Firewall – It is the proxy servers which provide additional functionality like content caching and prevention from direct connection from outside the network. It serves as the gateway from one network to another.
  2. Stateful inspection firewall – It acts as a traditional firewall, which allows or block traffic based on state, port and protocol. It monitors all activity from the opening of a connection until it is closed.
  3. UTM firewall – It is also called as Unified threat management, which combines the features of Stateful inspection firewall and additional services like cloud management. It agrees on simplicity and ease of use.
  4. Next generation firewall (NGFW) – It consists of various features like upgrade path to include future information feeds, skill to address evolving security threat.

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