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Firefox 58 move to block Canvas fingerprinting in 2018

Firefox 58 move to block Canvas fingerprinting in 2018

Firefox 58 move to block Canvas fingerprinting in 2018 – Today canvas fingerprinting is a new method to track the online activity of a user. The technique is usually used by websites and advertiser to know user intention of browsing on web. The activity is similar to the advertisers who rely on cookies to track the online activity of users, which is stored in web history of the respective browsers.

Firefox 58 move to block Canvas fingerprinting in 2018

But most of the modern browsers have blocked access to cookies allowing online tracking with Canvas fingerprinting. In such sense data can be pulled from HTML 5 canvas element to identify and track users, who goes unnoticed by most mainstream web browsers. In Canvas fingerprinting, a user profile is created based on browser, operating system and kind of installed graphics hardware being used by the user

Firefox is one of the reputed browsers in the field of safety and secure web browsing for many years. This move would be beneficial for online end user for secure browsing on Internet. Firefox 58 the newest version of Firefox intended to block Canvas fingerprinting. With growing competition among the browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari the move would strengthen faith on dedicated users.

Canvas fingerprinting was first noticed in 2014 when most of the website and advertisers were using the technique to identify and track online activity of the user. Though, this move was not the first, browser known as ‘Tor’ also allowed users to block canvas fingerprinting for years. As per technical background some plug-ins and apps on Chrome & Firefox also allow similar protection from such Websites and Advertisers.

Due to continued issue of Internet privacy nowadays, the demand for more extensive tool for protecting victim will continue to rise. The Firefox move would initiate mainstream browsers to bring next for masses.

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