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Find Out Windows Last Shut Down Time Uptime

Find Out Windows Last Shut Down Time Uptime

Find Out Windows Last Shut Down Time Uptime – This article is interesting one for users who spends lots of time on Computer. We generally put our PC in sleeping mode to get back faster whenever required. But on the other side, we also put our PC in Off or On mode. But did you know the timeframe you shut down or run up your PC. Is there any way to calculate or find out Windows last shut down time uptime?

What is Uptime? The total duration or time interval for which your PC has been running. What is downtime? The total duration for which your PC is switched. For average daily users, the uptime or downtime figures might not be valuable. But if you are using computer as a server, then this figure is much valuable. Similarly, if you are interested in monitoring your PC then also this figure meant more for you. In this article we will focus on procedures to find out Windows last shut down time uptime. There are four ways to calculate the Downtime, uptime and last shut down time.

Procedure to Find Out Windows Last Shut Down Time Uptime

  • Calculate using Event Viewer

It is a built in Windows utility tool that lets you know the various events logged in by Windows. We can easily find out the last shutdown and start up time. To know the last time your PC was shut down, follow the procedures below.

Open Event viewer and expand Windows Logs from the left Console Tree and select System from it. Right from the Action Pane, click on Filter Current log. In the text box “<All Event IDs> and replace the text with “6005, 6006”. Refresh the current log. List sorting is done based on date and time of logged event. The event in the top shows the latest entry.

The first entry in the list with Event ID 6006 gives you the last time your computer was Shut Down. The first entry with ID 6005 gives you the time when PC was started again. The difference between the both readings shows the net downtime. And the difference b/w the current time and last start time gives you the total uptime of the computer.

Total Uptime = Current Time – Last Start Time

Total Downtime = Last Start Time – Last Shut Down Time

  • Calculate Using Task Manager

This is used to calculate the Uptime but not the Downtime of the computer system. Open the Task Manager and go to performance tab. Select CPU from the left menu to see the Uptime in the right section. It is mostly suitable for finding current uptime of the PC.

  • Calculate using Command Prompt Window

It is used to see the last start up time. Open the CMD and type the following commands à
net stats workstation

  • Calculate using PowerShell –

We can find system uptime using PowerShell. In case of Windows server, you need better monitoring mechanism.

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