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What to do if Facebook Account is Hacked

What to do if Facebook Account is Hacked

What to do if Facebook Account is HackedWhat to do if Facebook Account is Hacked – This is quite annoying if your loving Facebook account is not under your control. Someone else would manipulate to disrupt your reputation on social media. When do you know that your Facebook account is hacked? When you see that unusual activity is going on in your account like sending messages which are not send by you, log in to you account not established, your profile pics changing etc.

The entity who has hacked your account can do anything disastrous harming your personal and friendly relations. So, user needs to take immediate steps to secure his/her Facebook account. This article will focus on steps to recover your hacked Facebook account immediately.

Procedure to Recover Hacked Facebook Account –

If you observe that your Facebook account is hacked. Take immediate steps to recover the hacked Facebook account. The first step is to Report that your Facebook account is hacked. In the course time you will see a dialog box that asks you if you wish to report a hacked account. Then you need to click on “My Account Is Compromised”. Then a window will open where you need to enter the Facebook username (URL – or email Id (Email Id you have used to log into Facebook account earlier). You can alternatively identify by entering Username and one of your Friend’s name.

After entering details Facebook will present you with an account matching yours. Then select your account and enter your current/ old password. Once it recognises your account you are asked to create a new password. Create a new password with strong impression using characters and numbers. After creating a new password, Facebook will ask you to change the email password also. Do not provide similar password in Email Id and Facebook account. Press continue button and navigate towards additional security features such as receiving an email and/or SMS notification if anyone logs in to your Facebook account from an unknown device.

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