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Error Message Displaying While Installing Office

Error Message Displaying While Installing Office

Error Message Displaying While Installing Office – During Installing Microsoft Office on Computer many types of written errors show on the screen which halt further installation process. Such errors might be seen like a number or some descriptive texts. We can’t understand it by seeing the number or text. In this article we emphasis on such types of written error showing while installing Office.

Microsoft Office Install Error Messages and Fixation Process

Here we will talk about error which are frequently seen on the screen while installing Office.

Error 1 – “…Another installation is in progress…” or error codes 0-1018 or 6-30015

This error occur due to Office install or update or uninstall process may be running on background. Check the windows system tray icon if any install process is already in progress and not completed. So in such case wait till the process ends. The simple check can be done by looking the active installation icon on the system tray below.

If a user can’t find any active install or update or uninstall on the background then follow the next step given below.

Uninstall and reinstall Office – Follow the uninstallation process to uninstall the office completely. After uninstallation done reinstall the office.

Error 2 – “Something went wrong” error when a user try to start an office app.

This type of error appears when a user try to start Office app.

The First simpler solution to fix such error is to restart your device followed by sign back in.

Second step will be Repair Office from the control panel. The repair procedure depends upon the Operating system used by the user.

  1. If a user has Window 10 – Goto Start > Control Panel > Programs > Category > Select Uninstall a program > Right click the office product you want to repair > select Change. You may repair online by selecting the Online Repair Option from the tab “How would you like to repair your Office Programs”. After selecting Online repair > select Repair. Here you can also select Quick Repair which runs faster but only detects and replace corrupted files. But in case on Online Repair, it uninstall and complete repair the office but takes longer time.
  2. If a user uses Window 8 and 8.1 – Same process as in window 10.
  3. If a user uses Window 7 or Vista – Goto Start > Control Panel > Program and Features > Programs > Category View > Uninstall a program. Then follow the next procedure as above in Window 10, 8 and 8.1.
  4. If the second step does not worked out, then Uninstall and Reinstall Office.

Error 3 – “Office (64-bit) couldn’t be installed”

This error is caused when PC already has 32 bit or 64 bit version of office. We can’t mix both version of Office on a computer. The error message will say you everything. So the solution of eliminating such error is to decide which version to install. After deciding which version to install you may proceed further? If already installed version is ok, then leave it. If you want to change the version, then uninstall the previous version and install the selected version of Office.

Error 4 – We’re also upgrading some older apps

This error usually seen on Office 365 subscription products, including Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, Office 365 University, Office 365 Business, Office 365 Small Business Premium and other Office 365 products. Such error are seen when we try to upgrade all the product of Office 365 separately. So no need to upgrade separately.

Error 5 – Print spooler service prevent office installation service

This error occurs when a PC installed with HP 4500 or HP 8500 Officejet Printer print spooler service. Such Print spooler service might halt installation service. To fix such error, temporarily stop the print spooler service. The print spooler service would also stop using services.msc.

Steps for window 8 – Type services.msc and click services from the list of results.

Steps for window 7 – Click Start > Run > type services.msc > Ok

Then double click on Print Spooler and click Stop followed by OK.

After all try installing Office again. When installation complete. Go back to Print spooler and activate it.

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