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Doxing technique to dispose one’s private information online

Doxing technique to dispose one’s private information online

Doxing technique to dispose one’s private information online – Doxxing is also abbreviated as doxing, an attempt to collect someone’s personal information and release it on internet for publicly access. The personal information such as phone number, email ids, mailing address, social security numbers, family details, Credit Card details are collected with the help of internet. This information can be gathered easily on Internet due to popularity of social media platforms.

Doxing technique to dispose one’s private information online

The concept is related to identity theft where details are collected for financial gains. But main goal behind doxing is harassment, humiliation, retribution rather than financial interest. Doxing technique to dispose one’s private information online.

When closely guarded information of someone is revealed online for certain interest the process is called as doxing. Since the practice is often legal and used up by journalists in their research work. The work became easier with the help of Internet today. But doxing takes things much further than an innocent search for contact details.

Both private and public details of someone can be doxxed and it is often legal practice today. Doxing may be carried out for many purposes– aid law enforcement, business analysis, extortion, coercion, harassment, online shaming and vigilante justice.

Doxing is popular today for Celebrities, film Star, Cricket star and other popular icons. The day to day activities of these icons are geared up by media and broadcasting channels. The doxing technique help social media to collect day to day activity of these popular icons.

A basic Web search can yield results. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Linkedin offer a wealth of private information, because many users have high levels of self-disclosure (sharing their photos, place of employment, phone number, email address), but low levels of security. It is also possible to derive a person’s name and home address from a cell-phone number, through such services as reverse phone lookup.

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