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Download Facebook Trending Videos in Simple Steps

Download Facebook Trending Videos in Simple Steps

Download Facebook Trending Videos in Simple Steps – We love to spend hours on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or other social networking platforms. You can share any Images or videos in real time. We can also chat with any one sitting mile away. We can watch posts being uploaded by our friend in real time.

In this article, we focus on issues related to Facebook Videos. The videos uploaded by our friend or any one can easily be seen number of times. But downloading the same is quite difficult. As there is no any option to save or download videos available on Facebook. But downloading option on other social networking platform is available e.g. YouTube.

Is there any way to download Facebook Trending videos in our Computer? Yes. It can easily be done in simple steps. Read the full article to know more about ways to download Facebook videos. A third-party software might be helpful for downloading Facebook videos. But Downloading a Third-party software is quite risky. We suggest you to download Facebook Trending Videos in simple steps. In this case, you are not supposed to download or run a Third-party software.

Procedure to Download Facebook Trending Videos in Simple Steps

We have taken mobile version of Facebook as a source to perform downloading. The mobile version of Facebook successfully creates an option to download or save such trending videos. Now, how to perform downloading using mobile version of Facebook.

Procedure1: Open Facebook account with authentic username and password.

Procedure2: Open any of the trending videos you wish to download.

Procedure3: Change default URL to mobile version URL of the trending video. After opening the Video, navigate to URL address of the same page. Replace the word “www” with “m” of the URL Address of Videos Page.

Suppose the actual URL address of the video page is ““. You need to Change it to ““. As a result of this, the same videos will open on mobile version of the Facebook. Play the same video for few seconds. Pause the video by clicking only once. Right Click on the same video and select the option “Save Video As” or “Save target As”. Assign it a suitable name and path as per your choice. As a result, video will be downloaded on Computer.

The same downloading procedure appears bit different on browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. But different appearance does not alter the downloading procedure. On Google Chrome, right clicking and option selection perform downloading in the same tab. But Mozilla perform it in a new tab. Likewise, Internet Explorer start downloading automatically just after replacing the “www” with “m“.

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