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Digital Medicine High Tech Health Care Method

Digital Medicine High Tech Health Care Method

Digital Medicine High Tech Health Care Method – The technology and products undergo rigorous clinical processing that ultimately helpful in a direct impact on diagnosing, preventing, treating a diseases, conditions, monitoring or syndrome. Some of the technology which are used in digital medicine are – Sensor Technology, Wireless Monitoring system, Genetic & Digital diagnosis, Accelerometer, Genomic Risk Markers, Multi Sense Patch, Lumify Smart Device etc.

What are the basis on developing digital medicines?

  1. Remote disease management – It will allow a way by which a non curable disease can be cured. Like Chronic disease management will be nearly effortless and it will remove the data gap that allow doctors to improve their medical follow-up of patients.
  2. Interpreting the data – The challenge of integrating large and heterogonous data bunches can be solved using powerful algorithms and machine Learning.
  3. Security and privacy – The Privacy and security are the key factor which must be conserved for patients to cure it within less time frame.
  4. Opportunities and challenges – It will simplify various issued like Increased scientific evidence but reimbursement issues, new field of research based on wearables, changes to patient-doctor interactions, integration of patient-specific data by the Specialist doctors.
  5. Digital phenotype models – An additional layer of information enabling the construction of more accurate disease models in order to better understandable by Doctors.
  6. Continuous and remote monitoring. This will help out to see or monitor unseen or remote symptoms of diseases accurately. A tool should be there to detect disease earlier so that to reduce the cost of health care facilities and medicine.

Digital Medicine Application Areas and Advantages: –

  1. Reduction of Cost by Immediate Access of High Quality Lumify Smart Device Ultrasound.
  2. Pilot Study of the Multi Sense Patches to Record Cardiopulmonary data during Sleep and Wake time frame.
  3. Genomic Risk Markers for Atrial Fibrillation Followed by Cardiac Rhythm Monitoring.
  4. Sensor Technology & Analytics to Monitor, Predict, and Protect Ebola attacked Patients.

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