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Difference between Data and Information

Difference between Data and Information

Difference between Data and InformationDifference between Data and Information- In the world of Technology Data is the most commonly used term. The term Data and Information seems to be similar and mostly used in our daily technical use. The meaning of both these terms depends on the phrase of words through which we are explaining it.

Technically there is major difference between these two extensively used terms.

Data is the lowest form of bit. We can say that, Data is the roughly collected data item like of unmodified Pictures, randomly collected Text or the untampered Bits.

We can also say that Data has no meaning in its own. Like anything that we write can be called as data, as 12398, 45678, RAM etc. Data never gives responses as it does not contain meaning, as it is still meaningless.


While the processed Data can be called as Information. Simply we can say that when a data is arranged in a particular fashion or manner so that it can produce a meaningful output, can e treated as data.

Data with its meaning on its own is called Information. Like 90816700000 is just a number or data, but as we process it, it changes into some ones mobile number. I.e. it produces a meaningful output and hence can be treated as information. Information gives responses to people on a certain manner. Like we can say “I spend 30 minutes watching TV, it responds our state of habit.

A random data can be used to collect the result or observation made in a particular subject. This can Data is then processed manually and gets converted into information. For this purpose a person has to manually check and record all the data elements.

Data keeps on changing as per our needs and requirement and hence it also keeps on changing Information.

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