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Definition of DNS Leak and its Prevention

Definition of DNS Leak and its Prevention 

Definition of DNS Leak and its Prevention  Definition of DNS Leak and its Prevention- The increasing number of cybercrime has made a question mark on the confidentiality and integrity of data. So we need to regulate the data and test data processing to verify the security measures for a secure web browsing. Now a days web browsers are being built with advance security architecture and offers resources like add-ons and plugins to increase the web security.

DNS: Meaning and function.

We know domain name is used in browsers to find the web pages on the internet. We can say Domain Name is the collection of Strings that can be easily read and remembered by human beings. If we want to access any websites we need to interchange the human readable domain name into machine readable IP address.

DNS stores the entire domain name and its related IP address. If we choose any URL we gets directed to the DNS server it gets matched with the domain name to respective IP address and then forward the request to the remainder domain. The server first matches the IP address of the domain name and routes the browser to the remote website.
Every web site can be known by only after gaining access to its DNS logs. Through, the users lose its all privacy over the internet and the chances of leak in DNS rises over the ISP. To resolve such problems the concept of VPN was enforced. It creates safe virtual connection over a network.

Leak in DNS.

The major issue with DNS leak is the improper configuration of the network setting. For this our system has to be connected with local network and establishes a connection to VPN tunnel. The Windows OS prefer the DNS server hosted by the LAN gateway instead of B|DNS server hosted by the VPN Service.

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