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Data Sent Via Infrared Make Wi-Fi Hundred Times Faster

Data Sent Via Infrared Make Wi-Fi Hundred Times Faster

Data Sent Via Infrared Make Wi-Fi Hundred Times Faster – Today we widely use Wi-Fi technology to send data from one electronic device to another. The data is allowed to transmit through media known as radio wave. The radio wave is the medium by which data can be transmitted from one place to another within the range. This media is used nowadays for such purpose. Despite being such development we seems to lag behind in terms of fetching, streaming and data competence of electronic devices. These various electronic devices in reality compete for bandwidth on our artificial network. But we have a news which greatly remove the frustration of end users.

The researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology in Netherlands have come up with an experimental development related to Wi-Fi Networks. According to them, the wireless network utilising beams of infrared light can transmit data with a speed of 42.8 gigabits per second, which is many times faster than today’s Wi-Fi over radio waves. In such case devices would never compete for bandwidth.

How do it Works?

The fiber optic cable would supply internet connectivity to an array of infrared light radiating antennas mounted on the ceiling of the room, which would work as access point. The antennas would contain a pair of diffraction gratings or say grooved surface that radiate light beams of different wavelengths at different angles. It will work like, if you are moving around the room and something blocked the sight line between your device and the antenna, another antenna will resume the connection.

According to the professor – “The usable bandwidth on this carrier is huge”. Means Infrared light possess higher frequency than the radio waves, enabling it to transmit a lot more data. The system could transmit entire DVD length movie in about one second. These are the basis concept that have been implemented and validated.

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